Sights of Antigua: Old Couple Having Ice Cream at Parque Central

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; A old couple having ice cream in the park

Just like in 2021, I have been contacted by some people interested in traveling to Guatemala in the coming months and they want to know how is life in Antigua Guatemala now, how are we coping with the pandemic. This is what I told them.

Again, just like in 2021 life goes on as usual in Antigua Guatemala with the exception of people wearing face masks, the use gel at the entrance of every business and government office, temperature checks in most businesses and offices. We also have reduced capacity to avoid the agglomeration of people. All massive events are prohibited for now, but people can still go to church following the aforementioned health protocols.

In summary, chances are that if you travel to Guatemala now, you might be safer here than at your own city simply because most Guatemalans are following all the health protocols that keep the pandemic at bay. Furthermore, Guatemala began its booster shot campaign the first week of 2022. So, come and spend some time in the Land of the Eternal Spring.

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