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Fuente de Las Sirenas at Twilight by Rudy Giron

Fuente de Las Sirenas at Twilight

At the end of a recent afternoon photo walk I ended by the parque central and while sitting down to reply back to pending messages and emails, the light were turned on and the already nice ambience at the main square became beautiful. I made this shot of one of the mermaids from Fuente de las Sirenas from my mobile office, I mean the bench I was sitting at. Enjoy!

Old Couple Having Ice Cream at Parque Central

Sights of Antigua: Old Couple Having Ice Cream at Parque Central

In summary, chances are that if you travel to Guatemala now, you might be safer here than at your own city simply because most Guatemalans are following all the health protocols that keep the pandemic at bay. Furthermore, Guatemala began its booster shot campaign the first week of 2022… TAP to see the full post.

Christmas Lights Decorations at Parque Central

Christmas Lights Decorations at Parque Central

In additions to the over 100,000 Christmas lights installed in every tree of the Parque Central, this year they added Christmas lights sculptures like the one shown above so people can take their selfie… TAP to see the full size photos and post.

Daily Life Vista from Parque Central BY RUDY GIRON

Daily Life Vista from Parque Central

I feel that by making intimate photographs some of you can experience vicariously daily life in Antigua Guatemala. Let me know if you do… tap for full image!

Fuente de Las Sirenas at Night, Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Fuente de Las Sirenas at Night

Tonight I share with you a vista of the mermaids fountain located in the middle of the Parque Central of Antigua Guatemala …

I love Antigua

In what places have you seen the “I love Antigua” stickers? The shoe-shiners box is the most obvious place, what’s the most …

© Elderly on Wheelchairs Sunbathing at Park by Rudy Giron

Mondays in the Sun

As I have mentioned before, we make images with everything that we have read, watched, listened to and experienced. If we think …

Shoe-shine Kids vs The Visitors

Here’s your Guatemalan-Spanish word of the day: Chamusca, an informal football match. All you need is a few friends or visitors, a …

We Love Guate

How about you? Can you share with us what are the things that you like about Guatemala.

Antigua Photo Walk Tips

Some of things I teach during the that I lead around town is composition rules, including sub-framing, which is the act …

From Spain to Guatemala

Or rather from Santiago de Compostela to Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala reads the plaque of this monument donated by Spain …

Antigua Guatemala Tourists

This has to be the high season for tourism during the dry season; everywhere you walk, there are tourist groups. Of course, …

Autumn Antigua Afternoons

After having spent a couple of weeks in New York, I really appreciate the “cold” weather of Antigua Guatemala. I mean, on …

Help The Park Photographers

Many parks and main squares in Guatemala have photographers making a living by taken snapshots of visitors who want to keep a …

Sunsets at Parque Central

Interesting enough, Parque Central or main plaza is a great place to not only watch people, but also to enjoy the light …