Slidshow & Time-lapse Video of 32th Medio Maratón Las Rosas

Rudy Giron: XXXII Medio Maratón Las Rosas &emdash; XXXII MEDIO MARATÓN LAS ROSAS 4

As every Sunday before July 25th, Santiago Apóstol (Saint James Apostle) patron saint for our enchanting colonial city, Antigua Guatemala held its world-famous half marathon Las Rosas. This time I set up myself the goal to bring you over 4,400 images of the event and do it in such a fashion that it should not take more than 5 minutes of your time. I used two cameras for this challenge. The first camera was set up on top of a tripod with a 10-22mm zoom lens to capture a picture every second with the help of an intervalometer. The second camera was hand-held with a 75-300mm zoom lens to capture many of the runners at the finish line.

The time-lapse video of XXXII Medio Maratón las Rosas, Antigua Guatemala 2013 was created with 4,000 photographs taken over an hour, with one image per second as stated above.

The slide show below was created by selecting the 20 photographs which best represented the event at the finish line. The whole process of reducing 4,400 images into a time-lapse video and a slide show took about 90 minutes.

I hope you enjoy them and let me know your thoughts through your feedback.

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