Daily Photo Theme: Doorways (framed shadow)

framed shadow

When Nuno declared on August 1st that the theme for September 1st was going to be doorways I was determined to win, even though this is not a competition, so they say. 😉 I am sure that there are heavy contenders out there; it is big world, you know. But, I narrowed down my rivals. First, MarieMcC, from Alexandria Daily Photo, because she had a three months experience already with her Doorways Around the World. Second, Nuno, from Porto Daily Photo, with his unassuming “the most usual doorway here. They are everywhere.” (Big mistake Nuno, you foretold us what you had in your hand). La Antigua Guatemala is a tiny town, but I know we can compete against the big cities with doorways. You can see even more Antigua’s doorways here or at Doorways Around the World where MarieMcC has been so kind to publish them.

Now, the story behind today’s photo. I knew my doorway had to be spectacular; I thought it has to be a church or a ruin doorway. They don’t make doorways like that anymore. So, the choice was simple: Iglesia de la Merced with its bright yellow and baroque-styled walls was impressive and one of Antigua’s landmarks. I waited for a day without rain and a beautiful sunset, I didn’t wait long. The church of la Merced is facing west so the light of sunsets makes it even more yellow and warm. I took a few shots at different angles, and after reviewing the photos for best composition and color, I discovered this image where I had framed the shadow of a tourist. This vista had all the things I wanted: a doorway, human life, color, shadows, contrast, elaborate details, and a surprise. I hope you like too; tell me your opinion either way.

You can go now to visit the other doorways that the Daily Photo Cities have for you today. Enjoy the trip, I know, it will be well-worth your time.

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  • well, rudy…it is a winner! I love the lighting, the color, that guy’s shadow. perfect shot! 🙂

  • Wow! Your photos are wonderful, and this one is spectacular.

  • Norma

    I love it! And I truly love how you described how the picture was accomplished. I appreciate learning from those with more experience.

  • Not looked at all the others yet but this is certainly one of the most ornate and obviously a contender for the “best” doorway. Mine is probably the “worst” doorway but then I hope the story behind it is worth it.

  • okay, you’re the winner! most impressive door ..the details are exquisite!

  • Incredible detail… a wonderful door, and I love the fact you got a person in the shot… great shadow too.

  • You are right Rudy, this door is a winner!You got it from the perfect angle.

  • Wow, so far the best ‘door shot’!!!

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  • I knew I was wise to concede yesterday! Rudy, you’ve been holding out on me! What other spectacular Antigua doorways will we see in the weeks to come? Thanks for the link to DAW. I would of course like to add this one to the collection. 🙂

  • Wendy

    Stunning! Absolutely stunning! You door is by far the most beautiful! Good job Rudy!

  • patsy poor

    what a beatiful building. i say you will win!

  • Good choice and great story.

  • PS: Edwin from the Kuala Lumpur DailyPhoto offered some very strong competition. I really liked his use of lighting.

  • Great Picture Rudy!… Even before I read the story, I totally agreed with you. I like pictures that show “human life” as you called it.

  • Denton, I know I already went to Kuala Lumpur and left my comment there.

    Thanks all for visiting. By the way, this is not a competition… I just thought a play a little with the rivalry. This is a team effort to show the different type of doorways around the world.

  • Ame

    Stunning! Beautiful light…And shadow! You should be totally impressed with yourself! Is your doorway large enough for your swelling head to get thru? Just kidding! You guys know I’m a big goofball! 🙂

  • The color and lighting are exquisite!

  • Michael

    Everyone else has said it already! This is wonderful and warm. Excellent shot!

  • I know this is probably a strange reaction, but it reminds me of a cake with all the detail work on it!

    It is a lovely shot and you are a true contender for the (non)contest!

  • Beautiful doorway. I like the dudes shadow on the wall!

  • Rudy, it is stunning. How did you know, I love yellow? 🙂

    In response to your question in your comments at mine: You weren’t up (hadn’t posted yet), when I was checking round last night / early this morning and I’ve been working all day today! I allow myself to go cyber visiting only once a day, or I would get terribly distracted. 🙂

    Since this is not a contest, I wasn’t worried about having my entry included. It was not as if I planned it even: I only decided to post doors when I saw yeterday what the theme was.

  • kaa

    WoW!! Excellent.. wat more can be added to what has been already said. you should be the winner not only for takin this beautiful shot but for the effort and thought u put in trying to achieve the best results.. Kudos!!

  • Kim

    You have really succeeded in WOWING us! The shot is wonderful, and your commentary very nice to read. I think we all went through a process similar to yours, but you wrote down your thoughts. I like knowing what thoughts went into making a photo. Super job, Rudy!

  • Your competitive spirit is as amazing as the photograph. Well done!

  • Oh! so beautiful. The intricate workmanship, the proportions, the colour, the light, the photographer. It’s a 10!

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  • Hmm..I certainly wasn’t aware of this ‘competition.’ However, I’m glad to ‘lose’ to you Rudy. I had no doubt that your doorway shot would be spectacular. I’ve said before that your Doors collection of pictures are exquisite and gorgeous.

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  • Dear Rudy,
    I just love this photo. At first I thought the tourist in the middle looked a little too casual and ordinary but his shadow makes up for it, it’s brilliant !

  • Came back today for a second visit because I liked your doorway so much. Saw a number of other entries, nothing matches yours ! Congratulations again and greetings from Sydney. My post today matches the colours of Iglesia de la Merced…

  • Nathalie, I thank you for your repeat visits and your kind words. I am very glad you liked this photo; I did too.

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  • Awesome

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