The Confusing Parking Ordinances of La Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Confusing Parking Ordinance of Antigua Guatemala
A visiting couple wondering why they were issued a parking violation ticket near Real Palacio de Los Capitanes, Antigua Guatemala

The parking regulation of La Antigua Guatemala are not confusing once you know all the wrinkles of it all. The problems arise from the fact that they are not posted anywhere on the streets so visitors can read them and comply with them.

Visitor and locals without an exception parking sticker must pay for a marbete, the name given locally for the temporary parking permit. Once you have a marbete or sticker, you must park on the streets that are not marked red, white or blue [handicapped areas] or with temporary no-parking signs nor on no-parking areas. White striped areas are for motorcycles only, although motorcycles parked anywhere. Red striped areas are not parking for anyone, except the municipal police vehicles, I guess. The new blue striped sections are for handicapped drivers; the only problem was/is that handicapped permits were not issued yet in Antigua Guatemala. On top of all these no-parking areas, we have the unmarked streets where you can not park on the weekends.

As you can see, all of these parking ordinances can be confusing for the local residents. How in the world can visitors figure them out with any instructions posted through out Antigua Guatemala?

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