Rear View Mirror Vistas

Rear View Mirror Vistas

Some people like photos without people; aseptic and sterile images pues. I am the opposite. To me what makes the image interesting is the life in it.

Here’s my approach to the photo taking process:

This morning as I was driving past the San Francisco El Grande Church, I spotted a classic post card of Antigua Guatemala, so I parked, I prepared for the shot and waited for tourists or Antigüeños to appear. I had done three takes when the monk came into the viewfinder and so the shot was resolved. (follow the white rabbit to see the image)

For a while now, I wanted to take some photos using the rear view mirror as a frame. Well, the other day I was lucky to see a group of Guatemalan women from the highlands dressed with their gorgeous cortes so I drove up to the next corner and set the mirror and then prepared the camera and waited. The image above is one of the images in the series. I hope you like it even though it has people in it. 😉

Please, tell me do you like photos with or without people?

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