Monk in San Francisco El Grande Church

Monk in San Francisco Church In Antigua

It is not unusual to come across monks or nuns in La Antigua Guatemala. This morning as I was driving past the San Francisco El Grande Church, I spotted a classic post card of Antigua Guatemala, so I parked, I prepared for the shot and waited for tourists or Antigüeños to appear. I had done three takes when the monk came into the viewfinder and so the shot was resolved.

This church is where Santo Hermano Pedro de Bentancourt was buried. You can check Pamela’s Tenerife Daily Photo for more background information about his birthplace. Or you can check the previous entries in Antigua Guatemala DP about Santo Hermano Pedro de Bentancourt (Saint Brother Peter of Bethancourt).

Can you still see monks in your home town?

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  • Oh, Rudy, I’m not the least bit religious, but this photo is really moving. I just love it on loads of levels and the light is just beautiful and warm. Thank you for the links (yet more garafones I owe you): I actually came over to tell you about the post on Hermano Pedro, so I’m glad you already found it and I’m even more pleased to see this church today to complete the story.

  • This photo is really wonderful. Everything is great: foreground, background, light, contrast and… Monk. Yes rarely but I can see some of them in Torino sometime.

  • Col

    This picture makes me giggle because the monk looks like he is rejoicing and dancing. There needs to be more of that.

  • Wonderful. First of all, I like looking through arches, and secondly, the monk adds so much to the picture. He seems to be dancing, that looks like ‘joy of life’.

  • Pamela, neither do I, but I did enjoyed seeing the happiness and smiles of the monk. Somehow we seemed to synchronize our Tenerife and Antigua Guatemala DP every so often.

    Fabrizio, I so glad you like it. To me the monk makes all the difference of the world. Without the human element framed within the arch, with overflowing happiness this photo could be a sterile post card.

    Col, the monk was indeed rejoicing and waving goodbye to someone else. I caught him as he was turning around after having said his goodbyes and very happy, it seemed, to be there.

    April, just like I told Frabrizio, I believe the monk really make the picture come alive.

  • La foto te quedó genial!
    … monjes no suelen verse por la ciudad, pero sí monjas!

  • Meg

    This is a stunning photo, Rudy. Ben has this thing where tiny thumbnails from the DPs are constantly broadcast in the corner of his screen, and this one stood out immediately. This is beautiful!

  • Awesome shot. The framing is fabulous. And his arms and feet — in motion. Is he walking or dancing? 🙂
    (No monks here. Many Southern Baptists, a few Presbyterians and other protestants, a Catholic or two, and a couple of days ago, I saw two Mormon missionaries on bicycles! 🙂 )

  • This is a truly wonderful photo! It’s perfectly framed, the lighting is perfect, and the monk makes it even more perfect. Bravo!!!

  • Great photo – composition, lighting and moment of capture are perfect

  • Fabulous photo!!!

  • What a perfect shot! Can’t say I’ve seen any monks around Cape Town, no…

  • Fantastic image — it was definitley worth waiting for the monk to come along.

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  • marta

    This is Fray Dismas Kline of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Fray Dismas is as wonderful as he photographs! Incredibly dedicated to the poor as is his order. They come
    to La Antigua to learn Spanish and we in La Antigua are beneficiaries of their example of compassion, joy and spirit as you so well captured in this photgraph Rudy!

    I admire your work and enjoy your website especially when I am far from La Antigua…

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