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Calle del Arco

PHOTO STOCK: Antigua Guatemala's Most Popular Colors by Rudy Giron

Antigua Guatemala’s Most Popular Colors

I would venture to say that these two colors are the most often used to paint the façades of houses and buildings through out this enchanting town… TAP to see the full photo and the official Cartilla del Color of La Antigua Guatemala.

PHOTO STOCK: Arch of Santa Catalina in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

Life Goes On in Antigua Guatemala

I have been contacted by quite a few people with interesting in traveling to Guatemala in the coming months and wanted to know how is life in Antigua Guatemala, how are we coping with the pandemic. This is what I told them… KEEP READING.


Morning Vista of Calle del Arco

With nearly 14 years of posting daily updates from Antigua Guatemala and with 6 years of teaching others how to better photograph …

Daily life vistas from Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Daily life vistas from Antigua Guatemala

Nothing beats Street Photography when it comes capturing authentic images of daily life. The less intimidating way to capture candid photographs is to shoot from across the street…

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala

Since we are talking about the Gigantes, which are used in Dances of the Giants or Baile de los Gigantes, through this link you will find the agenda of activities for The End of the Year Festival at Calle del Arco. Enjoy!

Balcony on Calle del Arco by Rudy Giron

Balcony on Calle del Arco

This is one of my favorite balconies in Antigua Guatemala and believe it or not, you can find at Calle del Arco. …

Weekends in Antigua Guatemala

There’s so much to see and enjoy during the weekends in La Antigua Guatemala in December. From recitals, to processions, to posada …