The mime just wants to get married

El show del Mimo

Often it’s a bit complicated to go out on Sundays because La Antigua Guatemala gets crowded. Two dear friends from El Petén convinced me to go out this particular time to wander around Antigua Guatemala.

So, while we were walking and taking pictures, we ran into a mime. Initially, people just kept passing by and only a few stopped to watch the show. As the mime’s performance progressed, the show became much more interesting and captivating; thus more people paused to enjoy the mime’s play.

In the first part, the mime ran around performing some acrobatics thanks to the assistance of one person from the audience. It was difficult because the assistant didn’t have a good aim at throwing a roller towards the mime. Nevertheless, the mime did not give up, making fun of the whole situation. Then, the mime began flirting with a beautiful girl from the crowd.

This was the spark for next part of the show, which was completely improvised.

The mime asked a guy to stand in the middle of the street, then he also called a little girl, and finally he requested that the beautiful girl and another girl to join him as part of the show. Isn’t it amazing when the audience also becomes involved? All the players were in place for the fictitious wedding.

Obviously, everyone knew the show was going to be fun, but the suspense was still there, how would the participants interact? The wedding carried on and the guy (priest) pretended to perform the wedding ceremony, building up the anticipation for the moment of the kiss. Guess what? there was no kiss. The bride felt so nervous that she just couldn’t keep up. Nonetheless, it was a fun scene.

No kiss, no wedding. No kiss, no girlfriend. The mime just wanted to get married!

There was one more show, but I had forgotten my flash, so I wrongfully chose to stop documenting.

Remember that anything and everything can happen as you walk around Antigua Guatemala on any given Sunday. Keep your eyes wide open for music recitals, concerts or mime shows; or whatever other surprises La Antigua Guatemala has for you. Chances are that you’ll have a lovely time if you take strolls around this enchanting town on Sundays.

text and photos by Arturo Godoy

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