Morning Vista of Calle del Arco


With nearly 14 years of posting daily updates from Antigua Guatemala and with nearly 7 years of teaching others how to better photograph our colorful and photogenic city I have developed some simple and effective tips to capture the most famous landmark: Arco de Santa Catalina.

First and foremost, get up before sunrise or even before 7am so you capture the Arch of Santa Catalina and the 5a avenida norte without cars. Another option are weekends or holidays as Calle del Arco is closed to traffic and no cars are allowed to park. Another fantastic time to shoot at Calle del Arco is during blue hour of the afternoon, especially if there are not parked cars; try using a wide-angle or fisheye lens. Lastly, if you visit Guatemala during the rainy season [May-October], head over the Calle del Arco after a heavy rain, you will be rewarded with reflections of the arch in the puddles; play with your framing to get a minimalist shot.

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