Framed photographer during a recent Antigua Photo Walk

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Framed photographer during a recent Antigua Photo Walks

Here’s a natural framing or sub-framing picture made at Calle del Arco on a recent weekend photo walk.

As always, the ambience and atmosphere of La Antigua Guatemala is tranquil and easy-going, meanwhile, Guatemala is undergoing a series of political scandals that seems to have no end. Each day a new minister or high-ranking official resigns or gets arrested. At this rate, it looks like it would only take a couple of weeks for the entire government to collapse. Of course, if you are in Antigua Guatemala, you would never know it, unless you keep an eye on Twitter or the local newspapers or listen to the radio news shows.

I have declared it before and repeat it again here: La Antigua Guatemala is not Guatemala; I know it because I live here.

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