The Arch of Santa Catalina

The Arch of Santa Catalina

Somehow, I manage to do everything backwards, on purpose, or not.

See El Arco de Santa Catalina is the most famous landmark from La Antigua Guatemala; the photo that everybody carries in the camera memory or film, whatever the case may be, to show they have been to Antigua Guatemala. So you might think it is only obvious that one must begin a photographic journey of La Antigua Guatemala with The Arch of Santa Catalina, right? Well, me thinks differently and that’s why I have published 1,093 consecutive entries and 8 additional static pages totaling 1101 pages and not once I have shown you the Arco of Santa Catalina as the main subject. I even made a reference at 90 days into the journey:

Somehow, not by conscious intention, I have managed to avoid the common references and photos of Antigua. For better or for worse, at 90 days from the beginning of this blog I have yet to publish a photo of Santa Catalina’s Arch and Calle del Arco which is the most emblematic photo of Antigua; the equivalent will be not to have published a photo of Statue of Liberty in New York or the Eiffel Tower in Paris after 90 days.

Even though I have shown you pictures of Calle del Arco (The Arch Street), which it is actually an avenue, I believe not once I have shown the actual Arco de Santa Catalina; wait it a minute, maybe once in Weekend Scene at Calle del Arco. I invite you to browse all the archives in which a reference was made to Calle del Arco and if you can find another photo with the arch, I will print it and mail it to you as a post card.

Anyhow, I as I approach the publishing of page number 1,111; I figure I should include some photos of the Arch of Santa Catalina and some other photos around Calle del Arco. I have earned my right to so by now; don’t you agree?

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