Guatemalan Weekend Fashion

Guatemalan Weekend Fashion

The people from Guatemala City are known as capitalinos; residents of the Capital city. Women from Guatemala City would be capitalinas. La Antigua Guatemala is a popular weekend destination for capitalinos (as) since it’s only an hour separates the Old Guatemala City from the New Guatemala City. So, it is on the weekends that we can see what’s in fashion and trendy in Guatemala City.

Today’s photograph came to be by pure accident, chaos, synchronicity or serendipity; call it what you want. I was taken shots on Calle del Arco when I noticed the Pollo Campero truck parked at one of the intersections, displaying Campero’s advertising. Since earlier I had already taken other pictures depicting the sponsorship of the Holy Week, I thought I should continue capturing photos showing the penetration of businesses in celebrations and traditions. So, there I was trying to focus and frame the truck’s advertising just right when these two capitalinas literally walked into the picture. The split-second decision was easy, I pressed the shutter release. 😉

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