Resistance is Futile, We are Pollo Campero Borg

Pollo Campero Metal Sign

Soon everyone will be familiar with this logotype. Resistance is futile, all of you will be assimilated, we are the Campero Borg Collective. Juan José Gutiérrez and Dionisio Gutiérrez remind me of Pinky and The Brain because of their weekly plans to take over the world. The first plan began over 35 years ago, 1971 to be precise, in a tiny joint in Guatemala City. Their plan was very simple: let’s make a clone of Kentucky Fried Chicken and let’s sell it the world over. So far their plan has taken them as far as many U.S. cities, Madrid and Jakarta and in ten days to Shanghai. In China, Pinky and The Brain Gutiérrez plan to open up 500 new restaurants in the next five years; that is little over 8 restaurants per month. The Gutiérrez plan is to convince or convert the world over to their recipe of fried chicken which is tender, juicy and crunchy by way of plain logic: after all, how can 1.7 billion Chinese be wrong, right?

So if you didn’t know anything about this tiny banana republic in Central America by the name of Guatemala, soon you will! You will know our Campero fried chicken, you will know our babies, and you will know about our workers (undocumented immigrants), among other not-so-glamorous facts. Stay tune or not, either way you will be assimilated!

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  • nice chicken cartoon, and i trust you that your chickens are delicious… wish i could taste it 🙂

  • I am impressed that this company is trying to sell their brand and replace the other brand — KFC. I remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken first came out, they used their creator, “Colonel Sanders” in their advertisements to talk about their “secret” recipe. He was believable. I wonder if the cartoon is used to promote their brand — and if their commercials are believable? Nice shot of a difficult subject.

    Have your ever seen two Hondas from the top?

  • LD

    Their logo, the happy chicken doesn’t mind where it’s slaughtered and who eats it. China, Guatemala, or the U.S… it all means more for the Gutierrez empire. I wonder when they’ll make it into Canada. My Latino Toronto neighbourhood would be the perfect place for them.

    How strange that the owners of a fried chicken chain are pretty much the most powerful family in Guatemala. Who are they supporting for president?

  • Nice shot! About 2 weeks ago, I was in Puerto Chiapas Mexico which is (I think) on the northern border of Guatemala. One day I would like to visit Guatemala too.

  • ale

    I know an individual in a high level position of the campero industry that keep me updated of the current status of the “Campero Conspiracy” to take over the world with the crunchy tasty chicken, which I have to say I’m addicted to, as 99.9% of Guatemalans. What is interesting to me, is the remarkable strategic power of the Gutierrez on working out the process of taking the control of the earth, first they took over the mind of hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans, Salvadorians, Hondurans, etc, etc, then later, they were send as immigrants (regarding their legal conditions) to work over the US and other countries, and later on they send the conspiracy disguised as Campero restaurants to feed them and extend their control over new human beings (ask Mexicans and African Americans too), pretty smart uh!
    Rudy is right Resistance is futile, every time that i go to LA my brain is obliged to satisfy this addiction and extend the conspiracy with me, (they haven’t open a any restaurant in San Francisco yet, but I’ll be there when they do.) Anyways, is pure globalization the other way around (including the immigration); you didn’t see that coming!! (es pinky y cerebro bro bro bro bro!!!!)

  • Jerry

    I was amazed at the number of Guatemalan families boarding a plane in Guatemala City bound for Houston carrying huge boxes of Pollo Campero chicken! I thought that was very interesting considering that we have chicken stands on practically every corner in the large cities in the Southern part of the US.

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  • Alecsis

    Cool photo, Inche Rud. I saved this photo in my Retro files. The next generation of Pollo Campero`s cyborgs will be crafted on liquid carbotugsten and mercury.

  • Lindsey

    I loved Pollo Campero Chicken. It is crispy and they have a wonderful pecan pie. I could go for some of that now.

  • so funny 😛

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