Guatemalan Women & Killer’s Paradise

Guatemalan women

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and nowhere is awareness, new legislation and law enforcing need it more than in Guatemala. No más is campaign by Amnesty International to stop the killings of women in Guatemala(1).

Director Giselle Portenier came to Guatemala to document the story of the brutal killings of Guatemalan women and the resulting film goes by the name of Killer’s Paradise. This is a powerful documentary and that you must see it, if you get the chance. I am hoping to be able to see this film as soon as they bring it to Guatemala. For those who can read Spanish, I leave you a small recommendation and description of the film that I made on March 18th, 2006 on my Crónicas efí­meras site.

To me, it is unacceptable that the government and the police forces do so little or nothing to protect women. Last year over 665 women were killed and there was not a single arrest for them. I support the NO MÁS (no more) campaign and the new law project now in the Guatemalan Congress to protect women’s safety and integrity.

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  • that is so shocking Rudy, i have never heard of killing women i Guatemala and definitely i’ll try to find Killer’s paradise to see more about it. thanks for raising the awareness!
    DP is really a great place on so many levels such as your post today.

    have a nice weekend.

  • this killing of women, is this husband killing their wives or just men killing women? in our country men are killing women, women are killing men and in general everbody is killing everbody!
    once upon a time in our country if a man caught his wife with another man he could kill both parties but has passed and now you will be brought to the bar of justice if they find who did this murder. you sound like a very good person and your wife is a very lucky person.

  • how many web sites do you have? i went to the site in this post and was able to translate with google, do you have others in spanish?

  • ale

    Thanks for bring this up Rudy, just yesterday I was watching a movie (pretty bad one by the way) Virgin of Juarez, over the killings on Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, and we were talking about the subject of violence agaist women and comparering notes on the killings in Guate, and the numbers in our coutry are horrendous, I wrote a post on the subject after a trip to Guate in 2004, and is just sad to see that this things are still hapening. A matter of fact is that this kind of violence afect us all, because when a women is kill or violated can be our mother our sister or girlfrend our wife our daughter.
    What struct the most is seeing comments on this matter justifying and blaming this tipe of violence on the women, just sad.

  • Andrés

    i’d be interested in watching this film as well. do you know when it will be shown in guate?

  • So sad to hear about killing of women. Something is needed to be done to avoid this from happening again.

  • ale

    mano, le puse un comentario ayer pero no entro, anyways, great post thanks for bring this up, I’ll be waiting for see this film.

  • Jazzy: this is one of the reason I published this note today. People should be aware of all aspects of a city, including the unpleasant facts. I do agree with you about DP being a great place to share and learn about other cities and cultures of the world.

    Patsy: Violence against women happens in many different ways, including the two that you mentioned. I have two websites, I manage four websites and I will have two more next year.

    Ale: Gracias por visitar y por darle seguimiento a esta nota. Agradezco mucho tu apoyo. Espero verte pronto… recuerda tenemos una cita con las pizzas mayas.

    Andrés: I will let you know as soon as I see listed in the cultural centers. Obviously, this film will never make to the commercial theaters.

    Edward: I agree with you 100%. Thanks for visiting the Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo.

    • Hi Rudy,
      I assume these women killings still going on today, correct?

      Can you please post back a link for action / signing petition / write to the government that I can post on Digg/Delicious/FB for my friends & I to sign here in the UK and elsewhere, and make our concerns known to whom it matters about this issue?

      No wonder we are known as ‘banana republics’…life costs nothing and it is such a paradox for such an amazingly beautiful country.

      May God protect my mum, my sisters, my cousins, my aunties…and all the women in Guate.


  • ioanna

    I love this photo. I thing I ‘m about to love those women too.

  • cathy

    i recently watched Killer’s Paradise over the weekend, and it bothered me so much. One thing that bothered me was that the government wasn’t doing anything about the killings. Each government official interviewed said that the women being killed were involved in prostitution, drug dealing, or gangs. I mean, what’s up with that. One woman was a 60 year old, and another was a 13 year old child! What bothers me the most, however, is that one man who confessed to the killing was not arrested. He also spoke about experiencing a sense of bliss when he saw his wife’s blood pooling under her. All I can do now is pray for the victims and for their families that are left behind.

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  • elizabeth garrido

    i need information about the film where can i see it? i want to help in something to this cause. send me information please.

  • I am writing my blog Monday about this horrendous crisis in Guatemala. People need to know what is happening there. I am so damn angry that nothing is being done about these brutal killings. After watching “Killer’s Paradise,” I want to help, want to make people aware of these devils walking the streets. What else can we do? Tell Me!!!

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