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December 2020


Door Christmas Decorations

Needless to say 2020 is an atypical year. But somethings we can still do, such as put Christmas decorations and lights everywhere …

PHOTO STOCK: Old lady feeding pigeons

Feeding the Pigeons

My commitment to share with you daily life images from Antigua Guatemala is as strong as it was on May 1, 2006. …

PHOTOS STOCK: Ambulant Tangerine Vendor

Ambulant Tangerine Vendor

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Mandarinas for tangerines. Today I share with you a simple daily life vista to …

PHOTO STOCK: Repainting The Speed Bumps

Repainting The Speed Bumps

Over the weekend these newly installed speed bumps were painted with bright yellow and black paint; as it is the usual the …

PHOTO STOCK: First Posada Navideña of 2020

First Posada Navideña of 2020

Let the nine days of posadas navideñas begin. Since this morning, December 15th, there have been sightings of Joseph and Mary’s quest …