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March 2020

Strongylodon Jade Flowers Against Bright Yellow Wall BY RUDY GIRON

Enjoy the Torquoise Jade Vines

The Strongylodon jade vines are commonly known as emerald vine or turquoise jade vine; although in Antigua Guatemala the popular name is …

Volcán de Agua against blue sky BY RUDY GIRON

Things Will Get Better

Things will get better, stay safe, stay strong, stay tele-connected with loved ones and stay actively creative. Take advantage of all the …


Morning Vista of Calle del Arco

With nearly 14 years of posting daily updates from Antigua Guatemala and with nearly 7 years of teaching others how to better …

Volcano Fuego eruptions at Sunset time BY RUDY GIRON

Fuego’s puffs at Sunset

Today I share with you some moderate eruptions from Volcán de Fuego right after sunset. Enjoy! I used to think that Volcán …


Cul-de-Sacs in Antigua Guatemala

Believe it or not, cul-de-sac streets are not common in Antigua Guatemala. I believed you could only find them in gated neighborhoods, …