Enjoy the Torquoise Jade Vines


The Strongylodon jade vines are commonly known as emerald vine or turquoise jade vine; although in Antigua Guatemala the popular name is Jade tumbergia. The Strongylodon jade vines are not as commonly found as the colorful and odd-looking flowers of the climber plant known as Tumbergias (tunbergia misurense is the scientific name); but once you see them you are immediately enchanted by rich emerald color and unique shapes. Yet, there’s another even rarer Strongylodon vine that comes in crimson color. When I get a chance to capture it photographically I will share with y’all; stay tuned!

Now that life has given me a lot of extra time to be at home, I will start sharing pictures, tips and ideas of things we can photograph while staying in lockdown mode via my Instagram feed. If you want to follow along the photo assignments and challenges we can shoot in and around the house; Let’s connect on Instagram. Stay creative, keep on learning!

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