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Happy Holidays Wishes from Antigua Daily Photo

The color red is the official color of Nochebuena and Navidad in Guatemala and nothing exemplifies this better than the Pascua plants, poinsettia flowers… TAP to read the entire post and see the full size photo.

Hibiscus Flower and Dramaticly-lit Ruins of the Jesuit Society in Antigua Guatemala.

Hibiscus Flower and Dramaticly-lit Ruins

I decided to place the vibrant hibiscus flowers [rosa de jamaica] in the foreground and and dramaticly-lit ruins as backdrop. I made several shots switching for the focal point from the flowers to the ruins as well making horizontal and vertical orientation version… TAP to see the full size photos and post.

PHOTO STOCK: Garden Grown Red Poinsettias from Guatemala

Poinsettias Flowers: A Gift from Guatemala to the World

Poinsettias are autochthonous to Guatemala and Mesoamerica so they can be grown in gardens either by design or as wild intruders as well as in the fields as wild plants. In Guatemala poinsettias are known as Flor de Pascua,  or simply as…

Giant Sunflowers from Antigua Guatemala by RUDY GIRON

Sunflower Fields Forever

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Girasol for sunflower. In the Land of the Eternal Spring we are fortunate to …