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Mayan Pottery Vendor

Mayan Ceramic Pottery Vendor

During a recent street photography walk we came across Teresita, a lovely grandmother selling Mayan ceramic pottery at a corner. We asked …

Colorful Guatemalan maracas or chinchines BY RUDY GIRON

Happy New Year 2019

Here’s your illustrated Guatemalan Spanish word of the day: Chinchines for maracas as they are widely known. Let’s begin the new year …

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Walking Among Giants in Antigua Guatemala

Since we are talking about the Gigantes, which are used in Dances of the Giants or Baile de los Gigantes, through this link you will find the agenda of activities for The End of the Year Festival at Calle del Arco. Enjoy!

Guatemalan Christmas Syncretism BY RUDY GIRON

Guatemalan Christmas Syncretism

Gabriela Orozco García, 19 years old, puts the final touches on a figure of a Mayan-inspired Nativity scene. The Orozco García family from Antigua Guatemala are renown artisans who produce ceramic Nativity scenes with Mayan attires from all regions of Guatemala.

Metal crafts artisan at work

Have I mentioned that there are hundreds of artisans living and working out the villages of Antigua Guatemala. I know in the …

The Butterfly Makers

We continue with our entrepreneurial series with the metal artisans in San Gaspar Vivar. At this shop the blacksmiths and artisans make …

Guatemalan Colors and Smiles

Today I share with you a candid portrait of Ruth, one of the vendors that offers colourful hand-woven Mayan textiles from the …

The Handmade Economy — Textiles

In a world where automation and factory automated assembly lines are the goals, Guatemala still prides and encourages the handmade economy. Even …

all I need is a window, satchels and I'm ready © Rudy Giron

Open For Business

Here’s your Guatemalan Spanish word of the day: Morral or satchel or tote bag. All I need is a window, some satchels …