Guatemalan Christmas Syncretism

Guatemalan Christmas Syncretism BY RUDY GIRON

The syncretism around Christmas time in Guatemala is most evident with the Nacimientos, Nativity scenes made up with characters with Mayan attires and tropical plants native to the American continent. Nativity scenes are on display from December 15th through January 6th.

Gabriela Orozco García, 19 years old, puts the final touches on a figure of a Mayan-inspired Nativity scene. The Orozco García family from Antigua Guatemala are renown artisans who produce ceramic Nativity scenes with Mayan attires from all regions of Guatemala. 

You can buy these unique Nativity scenes at Local #100 inside the Mercado de Artesanías Compañía de Jesus in Antigua Guatemala.

Guatemalan Christmas Syncretism BY RUDY GIRON

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