Guatemalan Handicrafts — Ronrrones


Guatemalan ronrrones are handicrafts that produce a low continuous humming sound similar to drones, as one rotates the stick attached to string which in turn is attached to the drum-shape end adorned with colorful feathers.

By the way, ronrón is a Guatemalan Onomatopoeia for the low humming sound produced by bugs or escarabajos as they fly; basically drone sound.

The moment I saw the ambulant vendor with the ronrrones on display I knew I had to make his portrait. I visualize what the composition should be, his wares occupying the bottom half of the frame, and the settings to achieve it; which I immediately applied to the camera. I knelt to get a low angle view and set up the shot hoping for a cooperating vendor. He started rotating the ronrón to let me know he was okay with me making his portrait.

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