Antique Decoration Elements: Rusted Metal Sun

Antique Decoration Elements: Rusted Metal Sun

Rust is yet another desirable aspect of antique decoration elements for colonial houses. Sometimes the artisans and blacksmith artists speed up the rust process in new pieces by painting the pieces with muriatic acid. Of course, nothing beats the original rust of antique decoration pieces. The rusted metal sun above was found hanging on one of the walls of ElCurandero.Com offices in La Antigua Guatemala.

El Curandero Gallery is an excellent source for antiques masks, Maximones, slingshots and all-things Guatemala; I recommend that you visit their web site to see their inventory since they’re a long-time sponsor of AntiguaDailyPhoto.

Also, we continue displaying the trailer of Guatemalan films and short films by Rodolfo Espinosa. Below is the trailer for Jardín del Eden, a short film directed by Rodolfo “Chofo” Espinosa.

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