Masks by Arturo Godoy

Masks are beautiful, of course. It is said that people wear masks, depending on how they live on a daily basis. Simple make-up can be a mask; or just even hiding yourself behind sunglasses.

How about wearing a hat? Let’s leave such definitions on the side, but can you believe there are institutions/corporations/NGOs/etc. that wear masks? If so, would you share your insights with us?

I go first. Here’s a simple event. Not too long there was a gossip started in a social network saying that the Mayor of La Antigua Guatemala was going to pave all the streets of Antigua Guatemala with asphalt. Gossip does travel faster than light in the social networks sometimes and a commotion began to happen. Nevertheless, some reasonable people remembered the reality of the work done by the Mayor in combination with the National Council for The Protection and Conservation of Antigua Guatemala. Oops, yes, it was one of those oops. In this case a company that produces travel books was involved, plus the owner of a bar. What were their intentions?

Such things involving the masking of oneself or one’s true intentions do happen quite often in La Antigua Guatemala and in Guatemala in general. Oh, I could tell you so many such stories involving NGOs and other institutions; but now it’s your turn. So, please, don’t be shy, what experiences and anecdotes will you share with us?

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