Colorful Guatemalan Capiruchos Handicrafts

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemalan Capiruchos

Capiruchos is what Guatemalans called this wooden toys, very similar to cup-and-ball. According to Wikipedia, capirucho is a traditional child’s toy it is a wooden cup with a handle, and a small ball attached to the cup by a string. It is popular in Spanish-speaking countries, where it is called “boliche”. The name varies across many countries — in El Salvador and Guatemala it is called “capirucho”; in Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, and Mexico it is called “balero”; in Spain it is “boliche”; in Brazil it is called “bilboquê”; in Chile it is “emboque”; in Colombia it is called “coca” or “ticayo”; and in Venezuela the game is called “perinola”. That’s a lot of different names for the same toy!

Who wants to play with these colorful Guatemalan cup-and-ball capiruchos?

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