Corn Husk Dolls

Cornhusk Dolls

Since We’re Men of Maize it’s no wonder that we also do many things with the by-products of maize. We use corn husk as candy wrappers as shown in Pump up the color; as materials for handicrafts like shown above and in Corderos de Tusa; as wrappers for tamales (chuchitos, tamales de elote, tamales de cambrai, tamales de frijoles, etc.)

Here’s a little sample from the entry We’re Men of Maize:

It is impossible to think the Guatemalan, Mexican and Mesoamerican diet without maize. From the Popul Vuh (Popol Wuj in modern spelling), the Mayan equivalent of the Bible, which states that humans were literally created from maize, to Miguel Ángel Asturias‘ novel Hombres de maíz (Men of Maize) which is one of the best novels to understand Mesoamerica and its people. Guatemala and Mexico share the birth place of maize, which was and is the most important crop in human history. The richest diversity of maize can be found in Mesoamerica!

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