Pump up the color

Guatemalan artisan candies

I am sorry guys, I know it gets boring, but I have to bring another photo with rich colors. These are wrappers made with tusa (dried cornhusk leaves) and then colored. Tusa is used most commonly for wrapping tamales, but you can see it can wrap other things.

Can you guess what is inside?

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  • “Candy is dandy/but liquor is quicker.” Dorothy Parker. Candy??

  • I’m sure is candy like kate said because there is a bee in the yellow wrapper.

  • don’t apologize. colour is always good.

  • I was going to say Candy =(…

  • sompopo

    Its a sugar type candy. We have some here hanging in the kitchen.

  • Guys and gals, I thought it was going to be a difficult guess, but it looks like from the first comment made by Kate the answer was revealed.

    Also, I am sorry for the delayed replies; I was away in a little trip to Mexico.

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  • none

    Tusa is actually used to wrapping “Chuchitos” The leaf of a plantain tree is what they use to wrap tamales. Two completely different leaves. 
    Don’t confuse Guatemalan Tamales and Mexican Tamales. 

    • Well tusa is used in more tamales, not just chuchito tamales. Just to mention a few tamales where tusa is used: tamales de cambrai, tamales de viaje, tamales de elote, tamales de frijol, etc. There a few dozen Guatemalan tamales where tusa is used, perhaps you’re not aware of them. 😉