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Daily Life Vista from Parque Central BY RUDY GIRON

Daily Life Vista from Parque Central

I feel that by making intimate photographs some of you can experience vicariously daily life in Antigua Guatemala. Let me know if you do… tap for full image!

New Look of Parque Central

The new garden areas, plants, flowers and fences of Parque Central, the main square, of Antigua Guatemala have given the central park …

Help The Park Photographers

Many parks and main squares in Guatemala have photographers making a living by taken snapshots of visitors who want to keep a …

Only in LAG: Furry Bicycle by Rudy Giron

Only in LAG: Furry Bicycle

Here’s another a very good specimen for the Only in LAG category, don’t you think? Come on where else can you find …

Enjoying a day sans rain by Rudy Girón

Enjoying a day sans rain

Thursday was an unusually hot and humid day without rain and people took the opportunity to spend it outside, many in Antigua …

Siesta Time

It’s your turn to write the caption. The most original caption will win this photo as a post card. Good luck!

Jacaranda Tree at Central Park

There are several jacaranda trees in Parque Central which make a gorgeous display of purple or violet during February and March when …

Ice Cream Memories

Ice cream vendors like the guy in the picture above are not only typical stamp of La Antigua Guatemala. As matter of …

Antigua’s Tuk Tuk Taxis Revolt

Today I was driving around Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park and I was not allowed to continue towards the Palacio del Ayuntamiento (Municipal …

Lazy Afternoons At The Park

The fountains around the Plaza Mayor provide the perfect sound track for spending a relax time sitting on a bench and watching …

Meetings At the Park: Friends

Believe it or not, after 500 years, the Plaza Mayor, also known as Parque Central, still is the most popular venue to …

Life Is Good!

Split a life in two; then in decades; the decades in years; the years in days and so on. Life is just …

Come on Ixchel, follow me!

Last night I talked to my lovely niece who just turned eleven recently and we spoke about being 11-year old now and …

Beauty and the Beast

Normally, every photo at AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com comes with a caption, a narrative or even a story. Not always, the story is about the …

Lines and Shadows

This warm light was the dry season. Although, I am sure we can get similar sunsets during the rainy season, I don’t …

FICCUA VI: Music from Panama

La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park is the most often used stage around town for free culture events. In this particular case, the …

Jacarandas at Central Park

I don’t know how it happened, but I had lost this vista of the Jacaranda trees in bloom at La Antigua Guatemala’s …

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Wow, my kid does look with the sousaphone; I am glad he’s not a piano or guitar player like everyone else; he’s …

Cell Phone Pics: The couple

The cellular telephone industry is one of the fastest growing industries and they just broke a new record for Latin America: 10 million 150 thousand users or the equivalent of 75% of the population has now an “active cellphone”. The key word here is: Active. This makes Guatemala one of the most connected countries in Latin America. (Source: Guatemala bate récord de usuarios de telefoní­a móvil at elPeriódico {ES}).

Un poco de todo…

Un poco de todo or A little of everything could be the most appropriate description for La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park. Interestingly enough, we call it central park or El Parque Central although its official name is La Plaza Mayor (The Main Plaza).

God and the Laptop

It is incredible that one time women, nuns to be more specific, were not allowed contact with the outside world. The Arco de Santa Catarina, one of La Antigua Guatemala’s landmark was built to prevent the nuns to be seen by the outsiders, quite possibly men, while they move from side of the street to the other side where they eat or pray; don’t know for sure which one.

I am glad to know that now nuns are allowed to walk freely in search for the best Wi-Fi spot in town so they can update their blogs. 😉

Real People, Real Miracles

That is exactly what Guatemala needs from the new Social Democratic government: Real people making real miracles (or at least real positive changes)!

Celebrations for the New President Álvaro Colom in La Antigua Guatemala

Even though the new Guatemalan President Álvaro Colom Caballeros, a 57-year-old industrial engineer and textile businessman, was sworn in for a 4-year term in Guatemala City in a ceremony at the Miguel Ángel Asturias National Theater, ceremonies and celebrations were held in the rest of the country too.

Talking About the Future Under the New Social Democratic Government

Like these two ladies, many wonder if the new Social Democratic cabinet will be more inclusive and responsive to the needs of the masses and hope that just having one woman Ministra and one indigenous Ministro (Secretary of an executive department) in a country where 60% of the population are indigenous and at least, if not more, 50% of the population are women, will not be a handicap when the times comes to address the needs of the aforementioned people, which in turn represent the majority of the population.

La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park Dressed for Christmas

Okay, I promise this is the last shot of La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park at night for a while. I just thought I needed to show all the angles and besides and I also wanted to show what is possible when you are walking around and the lighting conditions don’t allow for photographs to be taken without a tripod. See, thanks to the mini tripod LAGDP received from Santa Claus, a tripod is always present for those photo opts that do require a little more than a steady hand (and boy, because of all the coffee drinking I do, a steady hand is one thing I lost long time agoooooo).

Christmas’ Eve or Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala

Christmas’ Eve or Noche Buena in La Antigua Guatemala is celebrated by staying up all night burning firecracker, eating tamales or turkey and drinking real fruit punch or hot real chocolate, visiting family, friend and neighbors for the respective abrazo de Noche Buena and buenos deseos (Christmas hug and wishes); many even go to midnight mass. At midnight the presents under the Christmas tree, around the nacimiento (nativity scene), are opened and everyone laughs and hugs indiscriminately everyone around. These celebrations rate the highest on nostalgic memory scale; everyone living abroad wishes to be in Guatemala for this season and for this night in particular.

Santa Claus Pays a Visit to La Antigua’s Central Park

Well, what do you know, even Santa Claus pays a visit to the illuminated Central Park. LAGDP’s Santa Claus lives in Motley, Minnesota and she paid a visit earlier in December as a response to the entry where I requested support for this web site through the Amazon Wish List that I maintain for La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo. Carolyn was kind enough to wear a red fluffy dress and bring the following presents: a mini tripod, a book on Wordpress and a set of rechargeable batteries and charger.

La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park Illuminated

La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park gets a light dress for the Christmas season. If you remember some of the photos from last year, like Tree branches of Fire or Lit Branches at Central Park, you would know that taking photos of the illuminated park is quite difficult since the resulting photos hardly capture the magical atmosphere of the trees with thousands of Christmas lights. I promised I have tried my best. This year, I have a few more takes on this gorgeous light dress for the La Antigua Guatemala’s Parque Central.