3D Stereo Photos of La Antigua Guatemala

Taking 3D Stereo Photos of La Antigua Guatemala

Here I was walking around Antigua with a smile on my face mulling about how lucky I was to be able to share my printed photos with more people (really, how lucky of me to have other people hang my photos in their home or office.) then out nowhere I saw a fellow photographer with not one, but two cameras exactly like mine.

I could not resist and I started to stalk this poor fella for about half of block (between the Muni and Museo del Libro Antiguo) trying to figure out why he needed two cameras, was he not confident that one camera could do the job? Well, my curiosity won me over and finally I approached the photographer and asked why he was taken photos with two identical cameras. He was very kind and slowly he explained to me how by taken two photos at the same time with a remote shutter he was able to create 3D photos or stereo photographs.

I was able to give the photographer one of my cards, but I was not able to get his name or email address. I hope that he will visit the La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo and share with us his 3D catches. You need a special “crossed-eye” technique to view the stereo photographs though.

Have you ever seen 3D photographs?

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