A flood of tears over the colonial town

Llanto sobre la ciudad colonial by  Rudy Girón

Llanto sobre la ciudad colonial.

About four weeks ago I declared that this is The Rainiest Year Ever out of frustration with the seemingly non-stop rains. Later that week I learnt I was not mistaken and this has been the year with most rainfall in decades since 1959, which accumulated like over 1,700 mm/67 inches of rain. My good friend Norman Ávila from ClimaYa will provide us with the actual figures later today. When I made my frustration public, we were close to surpassing the 1,700 mm of rain. Certainly, after four additional weeks of intense rains, we can now declared this as The Rainiest Year Ever.

It seems only appropriate I share with you two songs from the El Hacedor De Lluvia (The Rain Maker) from Ranferí Aguilar, an excellent Guatemalan musician. Below the two songs, I am also sharing with you two video clips I recorded back in 2006 for a live performance of Ranferí Aguilar at the Jamtigua music festival. I hope you enjoy them and let me know your thoughts.

Here’s a second video of Ranferí­ Aguilar and El Hacedor De Lluvia concert at Jamtigua 2006 which shows a little more of his music.

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