The Ice Cream Men Are Always Ready!

The Ice Cream Men Are Always Ready!

It doesn’t matter what kind of meeting it is, the ice cream men and their carts are always ready to sell you gratification. Sure, ice creams are healthy as a diet and should not be around for a celebration of physical activity, right? Wrong. This is Guatemala and as such there is no better place for the ice cream carts to be than among hundreds of thirsty children.

Hey Rudy, did you forget about the obesity numbers you were going to give us? Well, to be honest, I haven’t. But, I do think this is a matter to be better handle by Edgar and his fabulous and always insightful Guatemala en números (Guatemala in numbers). Nevertheless, here are some figures. According to an article on Prensa Libre {ñ}, the last obesity figures in Guatemala point to an alarming fact: Guatemalans are getting fatter. The overweight and obesity in women is near 66% and 44% in men with children following very close at 38%. This is especially true in urban areas. There’s no consolation in the fact the top three countries with overweight and obesity problems are the U.S.A., Spain and Mexico; more or less the three main role models for Guatemala. 🙁

Now let me share a music video with you guys which shows normal, ordinary, average people from Guatemala. Big thanks to Pacunar for sharing the link to this video at the photo group FlickrGT. The name of the song is Just Like A Drummer by the band The Wave Pictures. The video was shot by Eduardo Benchoam of Colectiva; check out the link for more amazing videos from this film collective.

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