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Kids are going to Marching Band Rehearsals by Rudy Giron

Marching Band Rehearsals

I stumbled upon these kids going to their marching band practice and asked if I could take a picture because I noticed …

Centenaria Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Francisco Marroquín by Rudy Giron

School Year Cycle in Guatemala

As I have mentioned before, Guatemala’s school year begins in January and end in October. So even though in many places of …

Children at Playground

This photograph was taken at the entrance of El Hato village, located about 5 kilometers from La Antigua Guatemala. El Hato villages …

Open Schools: Playgrounds

One important aspect of the Escuelas Abiertas school program on the weekends will definitely be the safe playgrounds and fútbol and basquet …

Jumping Kids Show

What better way to promote physical activity than to put kids to jump to their hearts’ content.

Children’s Area at the Compañí­a de Jesús Library

Children also have a reading and play area at the Compañí­a de Jesús Library. This picture was taken early in the morning, before kids show up and fill the place with their happy noise and laughter.

I was glad to see a reading and play salon for the kids. Reading is a habit that should be acquired at the earliest age possible.