The Firemen Are Always Ready!

The Firemen Are Always Ready!

Just two weeks ago I introduced you to my good friend Nelo, who in turn was introducing iPhone 3G in La Antigua Guatemala; remember? Anyway, back then I said that starting on “… Friday 22nd of August, La Antigua Guatemala will be joining the cities of the world with third generation (3G) cellular networks …” I also mentioned that “… for now, only Claro (Telgua) will be sporting the 3G cellular network. But MoviStar (Telefónica) is said to be right behind it. Tigo (Comcel) is rumored to be in their last testing phase.” Well, guess what in less than three weeks all three mayor cellular carriers are sporting third generation (3G) mobile telephone networks.

In the picture above you can see who this mobility helps the voluntary firemen department in Antigua Guatemala who now can be present at high density concentration of human beings and be on call for any other emergency around Antigua. Not too bad for a quincentennial colonial town, don’t think so?

Antigua in Black & White Photo Exhibit Invitation

I would like to invite those of you who are now in Antigua or will be in the next few weeks to visit my first solo photo exhibit Antigua in Black & White which will be on display at Café No Sé starting September 6th, 2008. This will be my fourth photo exhibition in less than a year. The first photo exhibit was Feast of the Senses: Central American Cuisine Exhibit. Then came Guatemala, Visiones Diferentes. República Paraí­so was the last photo exhibit in which I participated in July 2008 at Museo Miraflores.

I hope you can join me on Saturday and celebrate with me the showing of these photos, your photos, which you got see in full color before anyone. This time the photos will be real prints in black and white. For those of you who can not attend, but would like to get an actual print in color or black and white, you know you can always Buy a high quality print and have it delivered to your home or office. 😉 Anyhow, you can click the invitation below to get all the details. Also, let me know what do you think of the design.

Can you guess which 40 photographs will on display?

Antigua in B&W by Rudy Girón Invitation

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