I Am Fofo!


I am the Walrus… I am Fofo… I am the Walrus.

Honest. Fofo is short in Guatemalan Spanish for Rodolfo, which is Rudolph in English and German (I think) and Rudy is diminutive for Rudolph. So there you have it I am Fofo… But Fofo is not me because I am the Walrus.

This portrait of Rodolfo “Fofo” de León was taken the same night as the portrait of The Violinist. I have shown two photos or maybe three photos of Rodolfo de León. Let’s see if you can find them in the LAGDP archives.

Below I leave you with I Am The Walrus from the MUST-SEE film Across the Universe:

On a total different tangent, if you are going to be in Guatemala tomorrow and for the rest of the month, I would like to invite you to the collective photo exhibit República Paraí­so at Museo Miraflores (Miraflores Museum) where a bunch of Guatemalan photographers, including myself, will be showing why Guatemala could be considered a photographic paradise. Nevermind the Killer’s Paradise. 🙁 Anyhow, below is the invitation in case you decide to go.


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