Antigua’s Tuk Tuk Taxis Revolt

Tuk Tuk Taxis in Central Park

Today I was driving around Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park and I was not allowed to continue towards the Palacio del Ayuntamiento (Municipal building) because the Tuk Tuk taxis had taken the entire street to park their units. As soon as I found parking, I grabbed my camera and decided to take some repetition shots (you know how much I love repetition). I looked for the best angle and snatched a few shots before finding out why the tuk tuk taxis were there.

It turns out, the tuk tuk taxi drivers were protesting the high number of traffic citations they are given by the Antigua Guatemala traffic police (policía de tránsito). They felt they are being targeted unfairly by the traffic police.

Now, if you have driven a car or motorcycle or simply walked around La Antigua Guatemala you would have realized how bad the tuk tuk taxis drivers are; they don’t respect or obey the traffic laws and they are NOT civil with pedestrians and other vehicles on the streets. I am sure most people can not feel empathy for their cause. “If they don’t want too many traffic tickets, they should obey and respect the traffic rules and laws…” was the general sentiment I gather from other people I talked to afterwards.

What are your thoughts regarding the tuk tuk taxis?

Antigua's Tuk Tuk Fleet by Rudy Girón Antiriot Police at the Palacio del Ayuntamiento

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