Celebrating Día del niño in Antigua Guatemala

Celebrating Día del niño in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

On October 1 Guatemala celebrates Día del niño translated Child’s Day or Children’s Day. I grabbed my camera and went to the Plaza Mayor (the Main Plaza) to see if I could captured some pictures to show you some happy faces. I am happy to report a mission accomplished and then some. I probably have about 20 good images with lots of smiling faces.

After I had finished taking pictures I sat a bench to enjoy a rainless moment in Parque Central with lots of really good vibes. I could almost say I had a happy instant and I am sure I must’ve smiled. 😉 I had my shoes shines and then a conversation with a couple and their daughter who came from Chimaltenango to compartir with la familia (to have a good time with the family). The father was a fellow park photographer from Chimaltenango and we obviously talked about the quick labs and the cost of park photographs costs in La Antigua Guatemala and Chimaltenango. I recommend a few places they must see and enjoy before they left Antigua Guatemala and said our good-byes. The couple look very similar to the parents in the main photo above.

Children came and went smiling, eating candy and ice cream. Some came with their parents, others came as part of a school activity yet others just wondered around with their friends. All in all, Parque Central was a good place to recharge the hope and optimism batteries.

Nevertheless, we should not forget, as my friend and colleague Luis Toribio said in his personal blog, the high levels of misery in which the children of Guatemala live. Guatemala is among the top countries in the world with malnutrition. There are many children who lack health services and education. Many children spend their days on the streets working instead of being in school as I mentioned in Antigua’s Child Labor back in May 2006. Let’s not forget… but for now let me savor the happy smiles around Parque Central!

When is Child’s Day celebrated in your neck of the woods?

Candy for Día del niño by Rudy Girón Niños celebrando el Día del niño by Rudy Girón

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