Guatemalan Women & Killer’s Paradise

Guatemalan women

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and nowhere is awareness, new legislation and law enforcing need it more than in Guatemala. No más is campaign by Amnesty International to stop the killings of women in Guatemala(1).

Director Giselle Portenier came to Guatemala to document the story of the brutal killings of Guatemalan women and the resulting film goes by the name of Killer’s Paradise. This is a powerful documentary and that you must see it, if you get the chance. I am hoping to be able to see this film as soon as they bring it to Guatemala. For those who can read Spanish, I leave you a small recommendation and description of the film that I made on March 18th, 2006 on my Crónicas efí­meras site.

To me, it is unacceptable that the government and the police forces do so little or nothing to protect women. Last year over 665 women were killed and there was not a single arrest for them. I support the NO MÁS (no more) campaign and the new law project now in the Guatemalan Congress to protect women’s safety and integrity.

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