Sidewalk Recovery Plan

Sidewalk Recovery Plan

If you have been following the AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while, you might remember the La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers project, or La Antigua Guatemala Sin Barreras which was a project/NGO which tried to fix the sidewalks and made them wheelchair/handicap friendly. I don’t know whatever happened to La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers project, but for sure they were not able to fix all the sidewalks around Antigua Guatemala. Too bad, because by fixing the sidewalks for the handicap, they were fixing the sidewalks for everybody else.

One thing I failed to mention back in June 2007 was the fact that the sidewalk repairs and making sure they are suitable for anyone to use, including people in wheelchairs, should be the responsibility of the Municipalidad. After all, that’s why all Guatemalans pay a yearly tax known as Boleto de ornato (to beautify) to keep public spaces clean, fixed and beautiful.

Often I like to report on good things that happen everyday but go unnoticed. Today, I am happy to tell you that this municipal administration is the only one doing constant repairs of the cobblestone streets, sidewalks, parks and et cetera since I’ve been living in La Antigua Guatemala. Slowly but surely, block by block, La Antigua Guatemala is also recovering its sidewalks.

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