The south end of 5a avenida sur in Antigua Guatemala

The Other End of Calle del Arco by Rudy Giron

Here is your Spanish word of the day: Alameda, a tree-lined avenue or boulevard.

La Antigua Guatemala has three official alamedas, Alameda del Calvario, Alameda Santa Rosa (near La Merced on 1a calle oriente) and Alameda Santa Lucía, which most people mistakenly call calzada; a paved road. There are not calzadas in Antigua Guatemala.

In my humble opinion, the south end of 5a avenida sur, this is the same avenue which takes on the name Calle del Arco (Street of the Arch) on the north end, if you take this picture as evidence. If you never walk this far, you should since you can spend a few hours inside Vivero La Escalonia, a greenhouse-restaurant where most antigüeños and residents buy their colourful flowers and plants. Vivero La Escalonia is about one block south of Mesón Panza Verde, another fabulous place one must visit, especially the art gallery on the second story; a must see venue always showing contemporary Guatemalan art.

Have you walked this far south on 5a avenida sur? Also, does anyone know what’s the name of this tree?

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