Theme Day: Big

Old-style Pepsi-Cola Delivery Truck

127 cities around the world orchestrated a global effort to show the different manifestations of the concept of BIG. I could have easily won the contest (yes, I know, they pretend is not a competition) with a photo of any of the three volcanos that shelter La Antigua Guatemala. But that’s way too easy, I don’t fall for that. Instead, I bring you an old-styled Pepsi-Cola delivery truck with its newly designed slogan: Bigger Better.

For whatever reason, Guatemalans still like the mini soda presentation; a 200 ml glass bottle which is little over half a normal soda (355 ml/12 oz). Of course, you can find all kinds size bottle soda presentations: 200 ml mini soda, 355 ml “normal” size soda, 500 ml glass bottle, 600 ml plastic bottle, 1 liter glass bottle and beyond all the way to 3.5 ltr plastic bottles. I am NOT sure, however, that Bigger is always Better; I don’t know, what do you think?

Thanks for visiting and please make an effort to visit to the other participating cities around the planet. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

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