The Nun and The Limousine

The Nun and The Limousine

It is quite common to see nuns and priests walking around La Antigua Guatemala since this town is basically almost 100% Catholic. I have caught some them in previous pictures before. Well, you might remember the photo of a monk framed with one the arches of the iglesia de San Francisco el Grande, right? At least I hope you do remember that. On the other hand, I am not sure you remember the nun carrying the portable computer in God and the Laptop.

Today’s image of a fleeting nun on her way to do some errands serves two purposes or single one really: contrast. Yes, we need the frame of the walking nun to see how massive this hummer vehicle really is. We also need the silhouette of a humble nun to show the contrast between simple lifestyle and opulence. Life is like that, full of contrasts and decision. We have touched this issue before in Haves and Have-Nots: Recycling the World Over and Chicken Buses are The Second Life of School Buses.

Anyhow, whatever you think of the contrast of lifestyles and whichever lifestyle you chose to live, it is my wish for you to at least pause to contemplate this simple sepia image from a foreign and strange world. Please, also share your feelings about it whatever they may be. I want to know. 😉

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