Parking Space Reservation Object

arking Space Reservation Object by Rudy A. Girón

Parking spaces or rather the lack of parking spaces is among the most challenging problems that Antigua Guatemala is facing right now. Antigua spends millions of quetzales each year to keep up the cobblestoned streets which were not designed for motorized vehicles like automobiles, trucks and buses when first implemented over 500 years ago. Heck, not even the streets were designed for the vehicles we used today and that’s why the streets are narrow and in many cases have to be one-way streets because otherwise there wouldn’t be any space for parking.

That’s why people use chairs, crates, rims, chains, trash cans, anything really as parking space reservations. Of course, that’s illegal because the streets are public and nobody can claim to own the space in front of their office, clinic, restaurant, etc.

Among some of the solutions I have heard are to create huge parking lots just outside the Antigua Guatemala entrances and turn the streets into pedestrians throughways, well at least the streets closer to the Plaza Mayor. Still, I don’t think a viable solution has been found yet or it’s being implemented.

Do you have a parking problem where you live?

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