Daredevil in Antigua Guatemala

Daredevil in Antigua Guatemala

The things one must do to earn a living. 🙁

So what’s the guy doing all the way up there? Good question my dear friends. Well, there’s something fishy going on there and in many other street light poles. Let me explain. As I drove by the two trucks shown in the bottom pictures I noticed they had replaced the stylish trash bins with metal containers that look exactly like the trash bins, except there was no place to put the trash and inside the metal containers had what appear to be expensive electronics.

Of course, it could simply be a new energy-saver lamps or new cellular towers disguised as public street lamps. Or, it could be something even more sinister. Stay tune as your exclusive reporter from La Antigua Guatemala uncovers the truth behind the Daredevil’s work and leaks his findings to the entire world, Wikileaks style!

What do you think is going on?

Daredevil Wide View Daredevil Coming Down

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