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Go Chepe Go by Rudy Girón

Go Chepe Go

The news that his grandmother had come to visit the family reached Chepe as he was getting out of school; his sister …

Corre Carlos Corre

Here’s a follow up to Run Lolo Run published over five years ago. Once again, there’s kid running with both feet on …

Thinking Boy

Okay today you write the caption. What’s the little boy thinking about?


Peak-a-boo! Boy, today was for sure a good day to be on a tree since the land kept on shaking all day …

I’m Ready to Fly!

With November come the strong winds (Vientos fuertes would say Miguel Ángel Asturias). With the strong winds come the kites. With the kites come the celebrations of the day of the dead and all saints day. With the day of the dead celebrations comes the fiambre, the food to share with our dead. Stay tune for background information on the kite flying rituals and its me