The Time for Barriletes Is Around The Corner

Rudy Giron: &emdash; The Time for Barriletes Is Around The Corner

At the end of the rainy season one begins to see this tissue paper kites being sold in tienditas, small town convenience stores, the mercado (market) or even on the streets. If you don’t know the symbolism of the kites around Día de Muertos, go search the archives. 😉

#GUATEGRAMS photo exhibit in NYC aside: If you live near or will be visiting NY/NJ in October/November, you are cordially invited to the inauguration of my photo exhibit #GUATEGRAMS this November 1.

It would be an honor for me to count with your presence and support.

#GUATEGRAMS: Slices of Daily Life in Guatemala, Photography art exhibit by Rudy Girón on November 1 at 6pm in NYC (225 West 35th Street, suite 305, Manhattan, NY 10001 Tels. (212) 807-0400 / (516) 241-4179).

GUATEGRAMS photo exhibit in NYC

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