Colorful Guatemalan Balls And Full Lunar Eclipse

Colorful Guatemalan Balls by Rudy Girón

These plastic balls are the most popular and thus the most often seen balls in Guatemala. They are very inexpensive and very disposable, sometimes only lasting one chamusca game. Chamusca is the Guatemalan-Spanish word for an informal football match. Often, all you need is a few friends, a dirt field and a colorful fútbol ball to build life-long relationships. Of course, these plastic balls are very dear to us since they are part of what defines us; they are part of our treasured memories.

As a photographer I was very excited when I saw these colorful balls hanging from the ceiling a shop recently. You know how much a love color and repetition.

I also love ephemerides and this morning we had the opportunity to witness one ephemerides which only happen every 486 years. That’s is a full Moon eclipse during the Winter solstice, which makes the longest night of the year even darker during the duration of the eclipse. I took some photos of the eclipse, but I did not stay out for the duration of it. However, my dear friend Nelo did and he’s sharing his photos of the full Moon eclipse sequence as seen from La Antigua Guatemala.

So here I am sharing a slide show about another ball, a different kind of round ball, one we can all identify with: The Moon.

All photos of the Full Moon Eclipse by Leonel “Nelo” Mijangos. If you like Nelo’s photos of the eclipse, please, let him know with your comments.

One more thing, Pinar Istek also shared her Luna de Xelajú eclipse with us. Check it out!

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