Orange and Green Wall Texture from Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Orange and Green Wall Texture from Antigua Guatemala

I have to admit it to myself: I am a lucky guy. Let me explain. See, as I was driving towards Parque San Sebastian, I saw this gorgeous texture of greens and oranges, so I stopped to take some photos of it. As many of you already know, I collect textures. I set up my camera exposure and framing, took a few shots and then waited for something interesting to happen. The third interesting [living being] that walk past this wall was this woman with complementary and contrasting colours.

I mean I am lucky guy because what are the chances of someone dressed with complementing colours for your textured wall happens to walk by at the right moment? For me, quite a few times as in The Capture vs The Pose or as in Monk in San Francisco El Grande Church, just to mention a few times.

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