Guatemalan Presidential Elections This Sunday

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Centro de Votación en La Antigua Guatemala

On Sunday, October 25, once again Guatemalans will be going to the voting booths to cast their vote for the new president of Guatemala, for the second round for the term 2016-2020. The general sentiment is that we are not happy with the two choices being offered by the political system.

On one hand, we have a comedian, Jimmy Morales, who came of nowhere of the political arena and skyrocketed to the first position in the first voting round in the September elections of 2015. In my opinion, he has a strong possibility of winning, but I believe he will be worst choice for Guatemala as mister Morales has NO experience, no plan, no backing in congress and dark alliances and ties in the old-school, right-wing military, that brought so much harm to Guatemalans. Jimmy Morales refused to make public his total worth.

On the other hand, we have Sandra Torres, the former ex first lady of the Colom administration from four years ago. Many people claim that she was the actual real power behind the Colom government. There were, of course, claims of corruption from the time she was the fist lady. There are, also, claims of dark alliances with corrupt Union leaders and such. In my opinion, she might be the better choice as she has a political career and knows how to move the dirty waters; she has a large backing in congress from her own party, UNE, and other alliances and governing plan for the next four years. She also made her total worth publicly available.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s post where I will try to show you the feeling and atmosphere of the election day.

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