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Lenten Vistas — Purple Banners

Another typical vista during Lent is the purple banners and bands that adorn many houses and business doorways and windows. Palacio de …

Even the Windows Wear Violet

Back in March 6th I showed to you the entry doorway of Hotel Santo Domingo (Holy Sunday, by the way) with violet …

The Remains of Lent

Many purple and violet banners are still hanging from doorways and windows around town. It feels like many don’t want to let …

Holy Week Elements: Cucuruchos

Cucuruchos with their purple or violet cone-head dress are another prominent element of Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala. Last week, Santiago Durham asked what its the significance of the color purple or violet in the dress and banners during Semana Santa, well it took a lot of digging to find out (I turned around and asked my office coworker), but I can now tell you the purple is worn as a sign of penitence. As a matter of fact, processions are a sign of penitence as well, heck the whole Semana Santa is a penitent act.