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Are you visiting Guatemala and would like to learn more about travel or street photography? We will show you the best spots to photograph Antigua Guatemala’s sites and people, and share the tips, tricks, and secrets of a street photographer. We are also happy to design a private photo walk for you if you would prefer dedicated one-on-one attention and to focus on specific themes or techniques. Book a memorable photographic experience at


Antigua Photo Walks Are Back

Last Saturday I mentioned that poco a poco, little by little, some of the activities from the old reality are coming back …

Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles BY RUDY GIRON

Free Portrait Prints Always Bring Out Smiles

As I have said recently, one of the most satisfying things I have been doing for a couple of years now is giving away free instantaneous prints of the portraits I make of total strangers on the streets while leading the Antigua Photo Walks… tap for full image!

PHOTO STOCK: Tanque de la Unión at Night in Antigua Guatemala

Night Photography Walks in Antigua Guatemala

This night vista of Pilas de Santa Clara, better known as Tanque de La Unión, was made as part of a recent Night Photography Workshop where we capture the dramatic lighting of the Spanish colonial architecture of Antigua Guatemala…

Colonial arches and pillars of Antigua Guatemala and photographer BY RUDY GIRON

Capture Antigua’s Charm

Learn how to capture the magic of Antigua Guatemala in pictures with and take home the charm of this nearly quincentennial …

Antigua Photo Walks for Groups BY RUDY GIRON

Antigua Photo Walks for Groups

Introduce groups to La Antigua Guatemala and the country of Guatemala through the fun Antigua Photo Walks. It’s also a great primer …


Communion with the dead

Luis, a Maya man from Sumpango talks about all his dead family members and the importance of communion with the dead in …


Day of the Dead Preparations

Maya man touching up the crosses at his family mausoleum at the cemetery of Sumpango before Day of the Dead. Would you …